September 25, 2018


Here will be project dissemination activities posted.

Articles in journals:

V. Komasilovs, A. Kviesis, A. Zacepins, A. Nasirahmadi, B. Sturm “Solution for remote real-time visual expertise of agricultural objects”, Agronomy Research 16(2), 464 473, 2018. Download.

Posters at the Conferences:

A. Nasirahmadi, O.Hensel, S.Muller, P.Kirchhofer, B.Sturm “Side and belly lying posture detection in group pig based on binary images and SVM classifier”, AgEng 2018. Download.

K.H.Jeppsson, A.C.Olsson, R.Häggström “Ammonia emission from a fattening pig house with partly slatted floor during warm thermal conditions”, AgEng 2018. Download.

Poster presented at the EuroTier 2018 show can be downloaded here.